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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
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50 Diamond Freezer Bags 25x36cm
Sale price12.50 dh Regular price16.90 dh
50 Diamond Freezer Bags 25x36cmDIAMOND SACS
No reviews
Folia Cling Film 30m
Save 21%
50 Diamond Freezer Bags 31x46cm
Sale price16.85 dh Regular price21.40 dh
50 Diamond Freezer Bags 31x46cmDIAMOND SACS
No reviews
20 Folia Slider Freezer Bags 25x30cm
Cling Film Diamond Bags 100 m
Folia Baking Paper 8 meters
Sale price18.76 dh
Folia Baking Paper 8 metersFolia
No reviews
Save 18%
15 Freezer Bags with Incorporated Closure GM: 29cm x 40cm 5L
Cling Film Diamond Bags 200 m
Save 18%
25 Freezer Bags Zip Diamond Bags PM: 25cm x 30cm 3L
8 Parex Cooking Bags 25x38cm
Sale price9.00 dh
8 Parex Cooking Bags 25x38cmParex
No reviews
15 Folia Slider Freezer Bags 30x40 cm

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