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Showing 1 - 24 of 82 products
Peeled Pink Shrimp 500 g
Whole Pink Prawn 500 g
ROYALE Large Caliber Shrimp 1kROYALE Large Caliber Shrimp 1k
Whole hake whiting 1kg
The Tasty Casino Fish Soup 1 L
Half-Cooked Crab Box of 500G
Whole Crab (About 2 Kg) Per Piece
Gray Shrimp 1 Kg
Le Poissonnier Gray Shrimp 1 Kg
Sale price240.00 dh
No reviews
Whole Redfish 1 Kg
Live Lobster (1 - 1.3 Kg)
Langoustine 1 Kg
Sole Turbo Whole 1 Kg
Fresh mussels without washed shell 500 g
Skinless Trout Fillet 1Kg
Trout Fillet with Skin 1Kg
Whole Trout 1Kg
Fillet Beach Sole 1kg
Peeled Beach Sole 1kg
Salmon Fillet with Skin 1kg
Salmon Fillet 1kg
Le Poissonnier Salmon Fillet 1kg
Sale price468.00 dh
1 review
Whole Sardine 1kg

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