In view of your many messages, the payment of your orders via Western Union is finally available on your online supermarket: My

End-to-end secure payment, guaranteed by AXA Assurance and available for all currencies.

Western Union website -->

- How it works ? :

1- When you have reached the step: Payment, please choose "Western Union"

Western Union payment

2- Consult the page:

- How to pay ?

how to pay

1 - Type the exact amount of your mymarket order in MAD (Moroccan dirhams) on the box: "The beneficiary receives".

2 - Western Union gives you the exact amount in EURO that it will send to mymarket in the box: Amount Sent.

How would you like us to receive your payment?

1- Cash: Ultra-fast service (a few minutes), instant order confirmation, ultra-fast processing.

Attention, paying option, the costs are your responsibility, please send us the amount in NET.

2- Bank Account: Longer processing (24 working hours), COMPLETELY FREE SERVICE WITH NO SUPPLEMENT!

RIB of

CFG BANK - 101, Bd Al Massira Al Khadra, Casablanca MOROCCO
Bank details: 050780001010500596200137
SWIFT for international: CAFGMAMC

How would you like to pay?


If you choose from the outset to pay us via our bank account and not in cash, we advise you to choose to pay with your BANK CARD, a service secured by Western Union and insured by AXA.

TOTALLY FREE SERVICE, processing time: 24 working hours.


Collection and payment from bank account to another,

FREE SERVICE, processing times by Western Union 6 working days.

We do not recommend this option if your order is urgent.


We receive payment in cash at a Western Union agency. The Beneficiary is a member of the company

Our customer service will contact you to provide you with the beneficiary's details.

PAID SERVICE, you bear 100% of the shipping costs. Please send us the amount in NET

ULTRA FAST processing times (30 minutes maximum, working hours)


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